Call for Papers

It is a pleasure to invite you to the 1st International Conference on Marketing Management (ICMM'19). The conference is organized by the American Academic Research Society (AARESOC)  and will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands between 12-13 December, 2019.

The theme of this year's conference is 'Contemporary Issues in Digital and Social Media Marketing'. Thus, submissions from all streams of marketing research which touch on this general theme are encouraged. However, due to the inaugural nature of this year's event, general marketing research papers unrelated to this theme as well as interdisciplinary research papers are also welcome.

Thematic Areas

While efforts have been made to highlight contemporary research issues  within the scope of the ICMM'19 event, please note that the areas listed underneath are not exhaustive. As long as submissions relatively fall within any of the thematic areas, they will be considered for participation in the ICMM'19 event. As the field of marketing management borrows from a diverse array of disciplines, interdisciplinary submissions which cut across two or more disciplines as well as practice-motivated submissions are also welcome.

  • Consumer well-being

  • Consumer judgment

  • Consumer attitudes and inferences

  • Information search

  • Cross-cultural consumer behavior

  • Brands and branding

  • Buyer-supplier relationships

  • Digital and social media marketing and analytics

  • Online retailing and channel design

  • Competitive marketing strategy

  • Network effects

  • Integrated marketing communications

  • Social media marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Pricing dynamics

  • Humor in marketing

  • consumer behavior 

  • International marketing

  • Advertising and promotions

  • Society and culture in marketing

  • New frontiers in retail and brand management

  • Marketing and design intersection

  • Marketing psychology

  • Pedagogical approaches to teaching marketing

  • Customer relationship management

  • Cross-category and cross-media marketing

  • Social interactions and peer effects

  • Ethics and Socially Responsible Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Artificial Intelligence and marketing

  • Electronic commerce

  • Electronic word of mouth

  • Ethics in marketing

  • Marketing research 

  • Marketing management 

  • Sustainable marketing

  • Relationship marketing

  • Customer relationship management 

  • Experiential marketing

  • Global marketing 

  • Online marketing 

  • Interactive marketing

  • Business to business marketing

  • Marketing communications 

  • Brand management 

  • Marketing research methods, and analysis

  • Consumer research using experimental, quantitative and mixed methods

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